Thoughts for Father’s day

My father doesn’t have a hobby. He doesn’t do anything to unwind. He is 70 years old and yet he does not do anything for himself. There were the early years, he’d drink and smoke. But he quit at the pleading of our youngest he would say and for all the years since then, I haven’t see him take time off or give in to a relaxing vice. Everything he does, actually, the only thing he does is for family. You cannot call him a workaholic, he does not have a stellar career to speak of. He sews and glues shoes. On occasions, he would travel to his hometown, but also because of family.

As a tinker with my camera, hunt for that special something in the grocery, or wish for better things to have, I remember my father. He must have wanted something for himself. Of course, he could have. But he chose not to.

Dad, I cannot thank you enough.  I love you. Let this post in web be here eternally. Even if you do not use the internet. I wish people would know, that the father I have, a simple man by standards, is a great man by his acts.

To Travel

Aye, to travel far and wide


I want to know how it is to ride with the top down…

I want a convertible

Brain tired

Holy week in the Philippines means at least 4 days vacation. I feel guilty not having a plan in place for my family. I am so tired mentally. This present job sucks. I just want to hibernate even though it’s summer.

Praying for a miracle!

You are beautiful dream

I can never hold you

I can never own you


I will always be thinking of you

Always, always be waiting for you

testing only, will make another gif with the 10 additional photos

Sagada Mayhem II

Part 4 of uploads