Bad Things Girls Do that I Like 2

Eat like a man

Is it bad? We do not think so. Pero TV says watch your diet, your waist, your weight.  Double standards pfftttt…

I’d hate a girl who says I cannot eat that kasi its too much calories, that is not good for your health, it aint right to eat that. Makes me feel guilty and a pig when I am definitely not.

Bad Things Girls Do that I Like 1

When a girl say “Shit”  once in a while. I do not mean like a spewing sewer kind of a monster.

It is like when she says shit, she really means shit. And it sounds sweet to me, how they curse when their lips aren’t really used to saying cuss words.

Brain tired

Holy week in the Philippines means at least 4 days vacation. I feel guilty not having a plan in place for my family. I am so tired mentally. This present job sucks. I just want to hibernate even though it’s summer.

Praying for a miracle!

when i give from the pocket of my heart

I give, not because I can, but because I want to
There is none that I have that would worth much
But I will give to you like it is my very life’s possession
So i ask you do not return it, please do not pay me back
because a poor man does not want to be rich in money
instead rich in his heart.

You are beautiful dream

I can never hold you

I can never own you


I will always be thinking of you

Always, always be waiting for you

testing only, will make another gif with the 10 additional photos

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